Wednesday, October 29, 2014

hand made mini art book

"toward the easy illusion"
a mini handmade art book
by anthead

4.5X3.5 inches
mixed media on 8 pages of 20lb paper
the cover is mixed media on recycled card stock [a cereal box]
binding is hand stitched
this is not a print, this is a one of a kind hand made book


inside front cover and page 1

 page 2 and 3
 how can I ever? how can I ever? how can I ever?
there's a skull in y head.

page 4 and 5
 our bodies made a pile of snakes on the bed and
the sink was broken but i couldn't

page 6 and 7
 I want to go to ARIZONA but you have my ghost in a secret box

page 8 and inside back cover
Life is but a dream


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