Sunday, August 31, 2014

some stickers from the last few months. watercolor on usps priority mail labels

i took a cab out of the city of god

"i took a cab out of the city of god"
8.5X11 on 90lb paper
watercolor ink and marker
available here

mod podge tackiness

ive recently found that [especially in the summer heat and humidity] that mod podge's tackiness can be destructive to a finished piece when put under pressure, even for the short time that it spends in the mail. ive also happily found that a final coat of delta creamcoat varnish over the dried mod podge takes the tackiness away.

why not only use the delta creamcoat? because ive found that it and many brands of  acrylic varnish are destructive to ink from pens and markers causing it to bleed into the piece.

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"my name is the end of the world"
mixed media on recovered cardboard
picture above detail scan below

 ink, marker, oil pastel, paper, glue watercolor and paper
"red angel" 7X11 mixed media on cardboard